TS3 Marathon 21K Run

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

05:04 - 05:04






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TS3 Marathon – 2019

TS3 Marathon is an on-road oxypure running event in Chennai city to feel the greenery and pleasant feels through out the race and inhale the purest oxygen to your body system to enhance your Healthy Life.

Everyone cant participate in all marathon distance. We have different marathon for different age groups mentioned below.

21 km / 10 km – Age has to be between 19 and 35 or 35+

5 km – Age has to be between 13 and 18

3 km – Age has to be between 9 and 12

2 km – Age has to be between 4 and 8

Make sure you belong to this particular age group. You are otherwise not allowed to participate in the marathon.