WCCG Perseverance 250km Ride

Track & Trail Cycles store, Maruthi Nagar, Sembakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

00:30 - 17:30






Perseverance 250km

Registration is Closed
₹ 200

Type : Cycling

Distance : Brevets

Timed : No

2019 Maiden Edition

Welcome to the most awaited WCCG’s Maiden Perseverance 250KM Ride – Organized by WCCG-Tambaram Chapter.

Perseverance 250km ride is a pure endurance ride where one will be experiencing mixture of highways, scenic routes and rolling terrain along with Scorching Heat to test your Endurance Limits. Every Path to Success is not Paved with a Straight and Easy Roads 👍👍

Starting Location – Track & Trail, Rajakilpakam
Ride start time – Midnight 12.30AM on Sunday, 31st March
Ride finish time – 5.30 PM (17 hours is the cut off time)

Route Map: Will be shared shortly after Recee along with Important details on Route and Master Plan to Nail this in style especially for Maiden attempts 👍

The ride is Semi Self Supported wherein Breakfast and Lunch will be arranged.
Mechanical assistance will be minimal and will be arranged only for major issues.
A Doctor will be available throughout for First aid support.

Things you need to do – PLEASE READ!!!

1. Confirm your attendance for the event (ride) by registering here.
2. You should have completed minimum 100km ride before (Mandatory)
3. Car parking space is available at start point
4. If any rider wants to reach the start point earlier and rest, that is also possible
5. Rider card must be authorized by our volunteers at all the check points which will be informed separately on Instructions mail
5. MUST:
– HELMET is mandatory
– Proper Tail lights and Head lights are MUST for riding before 6.30 AM or after 6 PM
– Wear reflective vests or bright coloured T-shirts for high visibility on Highways
– Have additional spare tubes
– Have money for expenses
– Carry some eatables too like bananas, chocolates, energy bars
– Tyre puncture repair kit
– Bicycle tool kit
– Portable hand pump
– Strictly No selfies/headphones while riding

The expected cut off finish time is 5.30PM on Sunday. All those finishing within this cutoff time would get a unique 250km Finisher Hex Badge (part of the Hex Badge Story).

IMPORTANT: Follow traffic rules, stick to the left most extreme, give way to heavy vehicles, avoid drafting. Please stop for breaks after getting onto the service area and do not stop on the Roads. Most of the route is in National highways/State highways, please exercise utmost caution while riding !

All the Best Brave hearts, Keep up the Josh and See You all at the Finish line 👍👍


I acknowledge that the sport of Cycling is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential risk for death, serious injury and property loss. There are both known and unanticipated risks. The known risks include, but are not limited to travails by road, temperature, weather, the physical and mental conditions of the participants including my own physical and mental condition, my acts or omissions or failure to act, first aid, emergency treatment or other services rendered, consumption of food or drink, lack of hydration, latent or apparent defects or conditions in any equipment or property supplied by WCCG or other persons and/or entities, vehicular traffic and actions of other people including any other external events. I understand and acknowledge that the above listing is not complete or exhaustive, and that other risks, known or unknown, identified or unidentified, anticipated or unanticipated, foreseeable or unforeseeable, may also result in injury or damage to me or my property, and I expressly accept and acknowledge those risks not specifically listed above as well. I expressly agree, covenant, and promise to accept and assume all responsibility and risk for injury, death, illness or disease, damage to myself or to property, to participants, spectators or to other third parties and their property, arising from or relating to my participation in WCCG – organized practices, activities and/or events and all related activities. I am voluntarily electing to participate in, attend, WCCG organized activities and/or events in spite of these risks. I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in WCCG organized practices, activities and/or events and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. In consideration of being permitted to participate in practices, activities or events conducted by WCCG on 31st Mar, 2019, I, for myself, my personal representatives, heirs, executors, next of kin, spouse and assigns, so agree as follows:

a) I irrevocably waive, release and forever discharge from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action of whatever nature or kind and all liability of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me in connection with my participating in WCCG organized practices, activities and/or events WCCG their past, present and future directors, officers, members, employees, servants, volunteers, representatives, and agents, event holders, event sponsors, event directors, event volunteers, event officials, and other co- organizers of events that WCCG TEAM wishes to work with during the period stated above (collectively the “Releasees”).

b) I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE TO INDEMNIFY AND NOT TO SUE the Releasees and the sponsors of WCCG TEAM organized practices, activities and/or events, the organizers and employees through or by which practices and/or events will be held, (the foregoing are also collectively deemed to be Releasees) FROM ANY AND ALL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS INCLUDING CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE RELEASEE’S OWN NEGLIGENCE.

c) I hereby allow WCCG TEAM the right to use the photographs and videos of the participants taken during the event as they deem fit.

d) I understand that this Affidavit cum Indemnity shall be valid till the completion of this event