Sunday June 11th, 2017,
6:15 PM to 8:00 PM

Narada Gana Sabha
314, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018,

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Kadal Pura (Pigeon of the Sea)

Historic Novel by Sandilyan

First time in the stage by Aduthurai Sri Sankara Narayan Saba

Dialogue and Direction - KalaiSelvamSambu.


Veera RajendraCholan, the descendent of the famous Raja RajaCholan was ruling the kingdomof Chola. By the time Jayavarman the king of SrivijayaSamrajyam tortures his step brother Gunavaramarusurps his kingdom of Kadaram. The prince of KadaramGunavarmar and his daughter Kanchana Devitravells by sea to Chola Nadu seeking the help of Veera RajendranCholan on the way they stay at a Maligai arranged by Koolavanigan inPaalur the Harbortown of Kalinga kingdom.For bringing them to Chola kingdom and to protect them from Kalinga kings Beemavarman and Ananthavarman, Veera RajendraCholan sends Karunakarapallavan and PrinceAnabhayaCholan. Karunakarapallavan reaches Paalurharbor by sea route and got angry to know that the Kalinga king had arrested Anabayar who arrived earlier than him. Karunagaran escaped from the kalinga soldiers and entered into place where the princess Kanchana and Gunavarmar are staying.Meantime Anabayar escaped from prison. Knowing this the kalinga king become ferocious and arrest Karunakaran, which result in death sentence by the court to him.Anabayar get relief of karunakaran from the court with the help of kanchana and kandiathevan. Hiding kanchana and Gunavarmar inside water pots take then to Chola kingdom by ship with the help of Arabian soldier Amir and pirate Ahutha.Karunakaran was woundedin the war and fighting for life at the sea shore.Ahutha save him and train him as agreat sea warrior. He won many sea wars and become famous. All the neighboring kings are frightened by his fame. He defeatsAtchayaMunaifort kingBalavarman and loses his heart to Manchalazhagi, the adopted daughter ofBalavarman. He cleverly unravels the birth secret of Manchalazhagi, and learns that she is the daughter ofAhutha’s sister, and made her the queen of Atchayamunai fort. Then starts up in his huge built ship Kadal Purato continue his journey for next assignment.

Princess Kanchana is arrested while returning from the Chola kingdom to kadaram by the solders of kalinga ship.Karunakaran attackskalinga ship, saves kanchana and sends her safely to kadaram. Afterwards with the help of the huge ship Kadal Pura he brings many victories and accused as great pirate by the neighboring kings and the helpless Chola king sends him out of the country, and orders to go to Atchayamunai fort.

Being sent to Kanchana atAtchayamunai fort,Karunakaran avoids going there, since Manchalazhagi is there. He captures Malaiyur fort.Unexpectedly he is shocked to know that the queen of Malaiyurfort is Manchalazhagi. Getting furious over karunakaranfor cheating and abandoning her, she cries andasks him to kill her and faints. By this time kanchanaenters and watching karunakaran alone with Manchalazhagi in close touch with his attempt to wake her up, suspects and gets angry. Manchalazhagiand kanchanaDevi enter into heated argument. Upset with the comments of kanchana about her birth, Manchalzhagi leaves the place.Karunakaran stops her and reveal the truth that kanchana is the daughter of Gunavarmarand Manchalazhagi is the daughter of his brother Jayawarmar. Both the sisters unite in the bond of love.After capturing the other forts of Jayawarmar, karunakaran holds talk with Anabhayacholan for partition of the kingdom. Both put forth a condition that if karunakaranmarries both their daughters they are ready to agree the decision of the chola king.Anabhaycholan also insist that.For the unity of the country he marries his true lover kanchanadevi and Manchalazhagi and returns victorious to chola kingdom in the ship Kadal Pura. The whole Chola kingdom admires him. Veera RajendraCholar makes him the king of the vandainaduas a mark of appreciation of the deeds of Karunakarapallavan.

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