Movistar Medio Maratón de Madrid

Madrid, Spain

09:00 - 17:00






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The Movistar Half Marathon of Madrid has its origins in the 20K Villa de Madrid. In 1989 Agrupación Deportiva Marathon, an athletic club founded in 1959, decided to create a 20K race, which was included in the running series called Circuito Bitter Kas/Adidas that started a year before offering races at the most important cities around Spain.

The first Edition took place the 9th April starting at Paseo de la Castellana and the finish line located in Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo. Pablo Martín Mateo (1h01:34) y Josefa Cruz (1h12:51) were the winners.

The 20K race Villa de Madrid was celebrated during twelve editions that had seen running prestigious athletes such as Salah Hissou from Morocco, winner in 1993 with 59:33 who afterwards would smash the world record of 10,000 metres. Also, Juan Pablo Suárez, winner in 1994, who holds the record time of the race (59:13) and Philip Tarus (Kenya) who won in 1996 finishing in 59:33.

Spanish women had won several times the Half Marathon race, such as the aforementioned Josefa Cruz (who won again in 1994), Carmen Mingorance, Aurora Pérez –currently one of the world best Masters athletes–, Esther Pedrosa, Rocío Ríos (1h08:06 in 1997 best time of all editions), Angelines Rodríguez or the Spanish record-breaker in Marathon Ana Isabel Alonso, winner in 1996.

The last edition of the 20K race was in 2000 when Mohamed Zouak (1h00:52) and Margaret Ngadi (1h12:27) were the winners and 5,693 athletes crossed the finish line.