Bandra 10k 2019

Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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About The Event

Bandra Run 10k and Bandra 20k run

the Bandra 10K and Bandra 20K RUN

last 3 days we are closing in 13 April 2018.

Bandra 10K and Bandra 20K RUN

Date 28 April 2018.

Venue Bandra fort.Mumbai

This event is a timed event & is being conducted under the aegis of MSDAA (Mumbai Suburban District Athletic Association). The course for the Keep On Running India 10 Km race has been measured by the MSDAA representatives using Calibrated Bicycle Method. Hence the certificate obtained from this event will help you to apply for Major Marathons provided you finish the 10 Km Race within the stipulated time as required by the respective organizers.

All certified route .

Bandra 10K and Bandra 20K RUN is non -prize money competition kindly note.

trophy will given to the top 3 only from age category

18 + to 45 yrs ( both male and female Open category)

and 45+ to 65 (both male and female Veteran Category )

65 + age ( top one in both male and female )

Bandra 10K is done under Non -profitable foundation.

As we go Green we requested the runners can get all ticket or online registration sms,screen short in their smart cell .

During the bib collection your id proof is necessary for bib collection .

Bib collection will be on 27 April 2019 .Bandra Hindu Assoication

Bandra fort from 10 am to 6 pm .

No bib given on the race day.

in case runner fail to collect on their behalf and member/friends can collect bib on issue of Authority letter .

Runners caught using someone else bib will be completely. disqualified .