Tree-a-thon Half Marathon

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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About the Run: Tree-a-thon

21KM, 10KM, 5KM& 2.5KM  On Sunday, 14 th April 2019 at Dwarka, New Delhi

What is Tree-a-thon?

Tree-a-thon is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ running event organized by Kalpavriksha

(www.mykalpavriksha.org), a not-for-profit trust, working passionately towards creating safe

environment for our future generations. Tree-a-thon will aim to create awareness among the

runners and onlookers on the importance of trees in our lives.

Our collaborating partner for this run would be RunSync – which has ample experience in

hosting multiple runs for many years.

About Kalpavriksha

Kalpavriksha is a not-for-profit trust which is working on a mission to plant and nurture 1

Million+ trees across the length and breadth of India. With the prime intent to reduce the

impact of air pollution, the organisation works with 100% transparency. Every single entry of

our Account Books are public (online). Each of our Donors is regularly updated on the

status of their trees with live photos from the ground as well as via Google Maps.

Operational since 2016, Kalpavriksha already has presence in cities like Agra, Mumbai,

Pune, Guntur (AP), Ghaziabad (UP), apart from New Delhi. The trees donated by hundreds

of donors are nurtured in these cities by an equally passionate group of volunteers and

leaders. More details at www.mykalpavriksha.org

About Run-Sync

RunSync believes in true synchronisation, of the mind, the body and the soul. We wish to

help people ace the art of syncing through effective running. Our logo demonstrates our

philosophy too. The RED represents the aggression and the power of the body, the BLUE

demonstrates the state of calm and tranquility of the mind and the SPIKES demonstrate the

heartbeat. Once all of the three are in perfect synchronisation, you experience what

everyone calls “Runner’s High” and what we call as the state of “One.”

RunSync driven believes in harmony in all the aspects of life and feels that the destination

to achieving all things good start by feeling good.

Motto of the Run

With the first ever Tree-a-thon run, we aim to create awareness for safe and better

environment and significance of plantation and nurturing of trees in our life. We are doing

this ‘Tree-a-thon’ run with a unique motto of ‘You Run – We Plant’. Kalpavriksha will plant

trees for every runner.

What makes the run so unique?

Every registered runner in this event will get an option to get a tree planted (and optionally

fenced) near their area of choice – where they can nurture it, until it is big enough. Each

such tree will be tracked online via Kalpavriksha’s technology driven website.

What do we do with the funds raised through the event?

The funds raised through this event will be contributed as a donation to Kalpavriksha and

will be utilized for planting and nurturing of trees – maintaining 100% transparency – as


Event Categories

To celebrate the spirit of Tree-a-thon, we would be hosting this event under the following


• 21 KM (Half Marathon) (Open Men & Women)

• 10 KM (Open Men & Women)

• 5 KM (Open Men & Women)

• 2.5 KM Walkathon (Open for All)

More about the Event

This event will be timed via individual timing chips for each runner.

The runs will be adequately prized.

The event would be under the banner of Kalpavriksha, and will be hosted at Dwarka in New