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Decoding Marathons in India - 2017

Decoding Marathons in India - 2017, gives you detailed analysis of races and marathons in India. The first of its kind, the report holds fascinating figures highlighting the increasing importance of distance running events in the country. The report also helps runners access their performance with their peers and find out which runner category (fast, medium or slow) they fit in.

Here is some interesting data from the report:
- 61% distance runners in India are between the ages of 30-50 years
- There are five older runners for every runner in their twenties for full marathons (42 Km) and half marathons (21.1 Km)
- Older runners return for longer races more consistently

If you love to run, then the data in the report and the pictures from India's most iconic races organized in top cities (Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi), along with pictures of few of the greatest athletes of our time when they visited India, will fill your being with inspiration.

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