Saturday August 12th, 2017 to
Sunday August 27th, 2017,
10:30 AM to 9:00 PM

New No. 40/ Old No. 56, 3rd Main Road, Kasturbanagar, Adyar, 600020,

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The workshops are being held by Ms. Silvia Sanchez Ortega, an international artist from Spain. She has over 25 years of varied experience. There are workshops for sketching and painting that aim to relieve stress and provide an avenue for expressing oneself. A series of carefully planned exercises will provide an enriching learning experience while calming the senses. 


These workshops are held under the banner of 'The Arts of the World', an initiative of The Phoenix Company which aims at supporting artists and artisans from different parts of the world.



Basic Kit (Rs. 699/-):
4B Koh-i-noor pencil (1), Art Eraser Faber Castell (1), A4 sketching paper (2 sheets), A3 sketching paper 2 sheets), Sudha Charcoal sticks (Black, Brown, Vandyke Brown) (1 each), Round Brush numbers 12, 8, 4 (1 each), Flat Brush big (1), Palette (1), Camlin Watercolour set 12 shades (1 box), Watercolour sheets A3 size (3 sheets), HB Koh-i-noor Pencil (1), Apsara eraser (1)


Advanced Kit (Rs. 1,165/-) :
Camel Acrylic Colours - ultramarine blue, red crimson, cadmium yellow (not transparent), white and ocher (40ml tube each), Palette (1), Pencils B, 3B & 8B (1 each), Faber Castell Art eraser (1), Apsara eraser (1), Hobby Brush Cat Tonge (1), Round Brush Small no. 1 (1), Round Brush Small no. 8 (1), Acrylic A3 sheets non-textured (2), Acrylic A3 sheet textured (1), Flat brush big (1), Flat brush small (1), Canvas (12'*18') (1)

1. The fee is not re-fundable on cancellations by participants.

2. The participants will receive a certificate only on completion of the course.

3. The participants will have to abide by all rules of the venue.