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Eventjini Propel

Eventjini Propel is an initiative to provide structured training to every runner in the country, through a personalized online program. The Propel coaching program has been initiated in partnership with Yoska, an organisation inspired by the motto of creating “healthy body and happy soul”. They provide next generation fitness coaching programs for endurance activities such as triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, general fitness and walking. Their personalized coaching programs are suitable for beginners as well as people with competitive time targets. Another important aspect of these programs is that they leverage a technology platform, the first of its kind in India, to promote virtual human interactions with experts in India and other countries.

Eventjini is the official registration partner of six of India’s largest marathons and understands the needs and requirements of the runners in the country. Having hosted over 1000 running events, which include the prestigious TCS World 10k Bengaluru, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Tata Steel Kolkata 25k, The Wipro Chennai Marathon and The Hyderabad Marathon, we are well aware of the problems faced by runners and how they can be dealt with. Each runner is different and needs a personalized approach and accordingly Propel provides a unique plan for each runner to suit his or her needs.

Program Conceptualized By

This one of a kind online coaching program is designed by Deepak Raj, co-founder and chief coach at Yoska. Deepak is a 19 time Ironman triathlete (PB: 10 hrs 19 min 08 sec) and has represented India at 2017 IRONMAN world championship in Kona. Besides this, Deepak has run 13 Marathons across globe (PB: 2 hrs 59 min 53 sec). He is a Boston qualifier and a certified triathlon coach from Triathlon Australia, certified by the Australia Institute of Personal Trainers. He has trained over 500 athletes globally.

Program Highlights

  • This program is for YOU (not a generic plan nor a group plan), if you have never run before or want to run your first half marathon or want to run a sub 3 hours marathon, irrespective where you are on your running journey this will make a difference.
  • The plan will be personalized (unmatched in India) on the basis of your current fitness level and running goals (5 Km / 10 Km / 21.1 Km / 42.2 Km / Ultra Running (50+ Km) / Running as a lifestyle (no distance or time target))
  • The training plan (workouts) will be updated each week and delivered to you through Yoska’s web app and mobile app (only of its kind platform in India).
  • Since this is a holistic program it also provides inputs on rest & recovery, core strengthening, stretching & basic nutrition.
  • All your queries will be addressed by Yoska experts through the Yoska discussion forum and regular group video conferencing.
  • Your progress will be assessed every 12 weeks and a new training level will be unlocked. For instance, you may have started your training with a 10k focus and after 12 weeks you can either continue training for 10k or move up to 21.1k based on your progress.
  • If you are not on a event specific training program, you may pick one primary race during each block of 12 weeks. The program will adapt itself to ensure that you peak for your primary event at the right time and also recover well to focus on your long term fitness goals.
  • Please note: New batch starts from every Monday of the week.

About Yoska

Yoska is a way of life which promotes "healthy body and happy soul". Yoska offers next generation fitness coaching programs for endurance activities like: triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, general fitness & walking which are suitable for people at all fitness levels (beginners to people with competitive time targets). Yoska fitness programs: are highly personalized (unmatched in India), structured, holistic, leverage a technology platform which is the only one of its kind in India, promote virtual human interaction with experts in India and beyond. Read more at